Professional Learning Networks

I identify with affective growth the most out of the four areas because in my professional career I find it vital to connect and learn with others. As a consulting and continuing education specialist for librarians and other library staff, it is very important for me to find new ways to disseminate information to information professionals. Soliciting feedback from information professionals is also vital to my job because I need to know if the learning opportunities I have presented to them are of value.    

While exploring more social media websites I decided to join LinkedIn. I have thought about creating a LinkedIn account for a while but I never took the initiative because I feel like people do not discuss using it that often. When setting up my account I added a professional photo (the same one I used for my intro blog post) and followed some hashtags that correlated to the library field (see screenshot below) such as #library, #librarian, etc. The first person I followed was my husband so I could get a better sense of how LinkedIn worked. Then I began to add coworkers to my network. One thing I found interesting was that if you click on someone’s profile they receive a notification that you have done so, but this isn’t necessarily stated anywhere. The only reason I knew this was because my husband told me about it. After being on LinkedIn for a couple of days I received some notifications that people had viewed my profile. This feature can be a positive and a negative for obvious reasons. While this type of professional learning network can help you meet new people in a specific field some of the negatives I discovered included a lot of advertisements and a lot of notifications by telemarketer companies. 

Screenshot taken from LinkedIn setup screen
Screenshot taken from LinkedIn homepage

Get to Know Me

Hi! My name is Margae Schmidt (pronounced Mar-ghee) and I am currently completing my second to last semester in the MLIS program at Dominican University. I am a full-time working mom, which is both very rewarding and challenging at times. I have a two-year-old daughter named Ena and I’m about to become a mom of two soon! My baby boy is due February 9th, but I have a feeling he will be making an early appearance. I work full-time as a Consulting and Continuing Education Specialist at a library system in Illinois and I love my job. One of my favorite things about my position is finding presenters and experts to conduct workshops to meet our library member’s needs. In my free time, I like to practice and teach yoga. I am a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and I find it very relaxing and energizing at the same time. I’m also a huge animal lover. I have a dog and two cats that were adopted from my local animal shelter. 

Like most people, I have mixed feelings about social media. I currently only have Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I never post on Pinterest (I only save posts) and I rarely post on Instagram. The picture you see comes from my Instagram profile. Both of my accounts are set to private. I used to have Facebook and Twitter accounts but I deleted them over five years ago now because I grew tired of seeing so many ads. They were also a huge distraction and time-waster for me. I mainly use social media for informational purposes. I use Pinterest the most out of the two in order to find recipes or get inspiration for various social activities. I want to learn more about social media from a professional point of view. The only way I can help or teach others is to first obtain the knowledge myself.