Social Media Sabbatical

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Last week I chose to disconnect from social media for 48 hours. While I do not have many social media accounts, the accounts I do have I check often including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest . I wanted to see how disconnecting from social media completely would affect me. Instagram and Pinterest are the accounts I check the most. I would estimate I check Instagram once every half hour and Pinterest once every hour.

At first taking this break made me feel anxious. I had to consciously think about not checking my accounts until I finally decided to uninstall the apps on my phone. Uninstalling the apps made it easier because I couldn’t see the icons when using other apps on my phone, such as Google calendar. The hardest part was not checking my accounts when I was waiting for something. I had a couple of appointments during these two days and instead of scrolling through Instagram while waiting I listened to music or read articles on my phone instead. After the first half of day one without connecting to social media in any way I found it extremely satisfying and surprisingly empowering not checking-in. I never realized how much control social media had over me. Another observation I made while disconnecting was that I paid more attention to my surroundings. It is so easy to get lost in an online world that sometimes we forget to notice the world around us. My overall experience from a social media sabbatical was extremely freeing. I am going to try to disconnect for a longer amount of time and see how that makes me feel.